About Us

Cleary Inspection Service, Inc. (Cleary) is a privately owned corporation. Cleary has developed and implemented a quality testing lab management system to satisfy the needs of their Clients.

Cleary carries out its testing procedures to meet the Florida Building Code, High Velocity Hurricane Zone, Testing Applications Standards 105 - Fastener Pull Test, 106 - Tile Uplift Test and 126 - Roof Moisture Survey.

Engineering Services: Wind Load Calculations, Roof Component Attachment Engineering Corrosion & Failure Studies and Structural (Special) Inspections.

As an independent testing laboratory, Cleary does not maintain any connection to other industrial activities, therefore avoiding involvement in other areas that would diminish the confidence in its competence, impartiality, judgment and operational integrity.

Our goal is realized by utilizing professional practices and through strict adherence to the Testing Application Standards according to the Miami Dade County, Building Code Compliance Office (BCCO) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Cleary‘s Quality Systems Manual and its policies as specified by the guidelines of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 17025.